Complete Car Repair Shop Granada hills

Auto Repair Shop Granada hillsHigh Octane Automotive provides full service auto repair for foreign and domestic cars, SUV’s and light trucks in Granada hills, CA..  Our auto repair shop near Granada hills, CA with our highly qualified automotive technicians, broad range of repair equipment and resources, and experience can provide just about every automotive repair or maintenance you may need.

Here is a short list of the items we can help with:

icon-Engine Repair, Rebuilding, Replacement, heads

Engine Repair, Replacement or Overhaul in Granada hills, CA

Right here in our Granada hills Auto Repair Shop, we have the facilities, the experience and the equipment to properly service any engine problem up to and including complete engine replacements.

icon-Complex Electrical Diagnostics, automotive electrical repairs

Complex to Simple Electrical Diagnostics & Repairs In Granada hills, CA

Our Automotive Service Technicians have the skill, experience and equipment to troubleshoot and repair even the most complex automotive electrical system diagnostic and repairs. Our Granada hills ASE Certified and Master Technicians use the latest service methodology and equipment. We take advantage of the network of Internet resources dedicated to improving troubleshooting, decreasing repair times, and increasing accuracy.

icon-Clutch and Manual Transmission Repairs and Service for Granada hills, CA

Clutch & Manual Transmission Repairs Granada hills, CA

When your clutch is wearing down and you need an adjustment or complete clutch and flywheel replacement for your manual transmission vehicle, we are your experts. We have a great amount of experience for all vehicles, including your performance cars.

icon-Automatic Transmission Repairs and Rebuilding, replacement for Granada hills, CA

Automatic Transmission Repair, Rebuilding and Replacement in Granada hills, CA

Here at High Octane Automotive, we provide complete Automatic Transmission services from routine adjustments and servicing to the most complex troubleshooting and complete replacements.

icon-Automotive Air Conditioning repair and service specialist for the Granada hills

Air Conditioning Service and Repairs In Granada hills, CA

Air Conditioning repairs and service is one of our specialties. We provide the full range of air conditioning and heater service from simple diagnostics and recharging of the refrigerant (aka Freon) to complex diagnostics, troubleshooting and repairs.

icon-Suspension, Axle, 4WD Repairs and troubleshooting

Suspension, Axle, 4WD Diagnostics and Repairs in Granada hills, CA

Our team of ASE Certified and Master Technicians in Granada hills, CA have tackled many challenging suspension repairs and upgrades. We can handle just about any job big or small.

icon Power Steering Service and Repairs for Granada hills, CA

Power Steering System Service and Repairs

Today’s Power Steering Systems can be challenging to service for many auto repair shops. However, at High Octane Automotive, we have the experience, training and equipment needed to troubleshoot your Power Steering System and provide the expert repairs needed.