Car Maintenance Northridge, CA

At High Octane Automotive, we are big advocates of proper maintenance on your vehicles.  The benefits of proper maintenance for  you are enormous.  Here are just a few benefits you get from proper maintenance on your vehicle:

  • Longer Life. With proper maintenance, you really can get very high mileage out of your car.  It’s not uncommon to get as much as 300,000 miles from a good car with all the proper maintenance.
  • Increased Resale Value. it’s no surprise that a car the doesn’t need repairs will sell for more than one that does.  The key to higher resale values is proper maintenance.  Today, used car buyers look for reliable maintenance records and will pay more for cars that have been properly cared for because they know it will last longer.
  • Saves You Money!Proper maintenance costs a fraction of the price of a repair.  For example, your routine transmission service can be $100 to $200 every couple of years, but the repair of a transmission often costs greater than $4,000!  This is common for most maintenance services.
  • Peace of Mind. Think about how nervous you feel when you have neglected some system on your car or some of its maintenance.  Conversely, when you take care of your maintenance, you feel much greater peace of mind.  You know that you have reduced the likelihood of an unexpected (and certainly unwanted) breakdown on the side of the road.
  • It’s Schedulable.Maintenance can be scheduled and planned for financially.  Repairs and unexpected breakdowns come when they want, not when you want them to.

So, the bottom line is, have your maintenance done in a timely manner — it really serves your needs best.

Here is a short list of some of the common maintenance services we provide at High Octane Automotive near Northridge, CA, CA.

icon-Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning Service Northridge, CA, CA

Proper AC Service for your car not only provides proper cooling, it also can save you from expensive repair bills. AC System repairs can be costly, while routine periodic maintenance is only a fraction of the cost.

icon-Automatic Transmission Repairs and Rebuilding, replacement for Northridge, CA

Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange and Service Northridge, CA, CA

Automatic Transmission repairs can be one of the most expensive repairs on your vehicle. However, the cost and time to prevent that repair is small. A proper Automatic Transmission service includes a proper fluid exchange to replace the old worn out transmission fluid with new fluid. Your transmission fluid gradually breaks down over time. This make is less able to protect all the moving parts in your transmission — and there are a lot of them. New fluid gives your transmission the protection against friction it needs while keeping your system shifting properly.

icon-Shock Replacements, Strut Replacements Service in Northridge, CA

Shock and Strut Replacement Northridge, CA, CA

Your car’s shocks or struts do wear out. These are often much more neglected than other maintenance services. Check your car’s manual and you will see how often they need replacement. But why? Your suspension, the shocks and struts, is an important system that provides better handling, which translates into better safety. It also can improve your vehicles mileage and tire longevity.

icon-ABS Brake System Service & Repairs in Northridge, CA

Brake Service and Brake Fluid Exchange Northridge, CA, CA

Many people are unaware of the benefits of periodic fluid exchanges in their brake/ABS system.  The brake fluid can actually cause significant and expensive problems in your vehicle when neglected.  So, next time your in for brake pad replacements, ask about your brake fluid’s condition and see if it’s time for a flush.

icon Power Steering Service and Repairs for Northridge, CA

Power Steering Fluid Exchange Northridge, CA, CA

Your car’s power steering system utilizes power steering fluids to keep the system lubricated and operating properly.  Like other fluids in your car, the power steering fluid’s protection abilities decay with time.  It is important to maintain the power steering system with periodic power steering fluid exchanges with fresh, better protecting fluid.

icon-Cooling System Service and Repairs

Cooling/Radiator Fluid Exchanges Northridge, CA, CA

Next to the regular oil changes, your cooling system flush is vital to keep your engine cool.  Engine repairs can be extremely expensive, while occasional cooling fluid exchanges are very low cost — and can be scheduled at your convenience.  The coolant breaks down with time and usage.  This makes it a poor protector for your cooling systems, but much worse, it can also attack and erode your internal parts of the cooling system and the engine.  This is one of the top three maintenance routines your really should be doing.

icon-Oil Change and Filter Service

Oil and Oil Filter Service Northridge, CA, CA

Still, the number one most important service on your vehicle.  Effective and clean motor oil protects your car’s engine from friction which can damage your engine.  Using the right oil and filter is important and here at our Northridge, CA auto repair shop, we make sure to take care of your car’s motor oil with the finest parts and fluids for your vehicle.